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Agape Gifts

Agape gifts are expressions of God's love and are an essential part of the Emmaus experience. Below are guidelines to help ensure that your agape gifts are appropriate and meaningful.

Agape Gift Guidelines

  • Purpose and Nature of Agape Gifts:

    • Agape gifts should embody God's unconditional love and be given without expectation of receiving anything in return.

    • They serve as tangible reminders of God's presence and the community's support throughout the Emmaus journey.

  • Types of Agape Gifts:

    • Agape gifts can take various forms, such as handwritten notes, small tokens, handmade crafts, or practical items.

    • They should be uplifting, encouraging, and reflective of Christian values.

  • Consideration for Pilgrims:

    • Agape gifts should be focused on and suitable for everyone; gifts should NOT be pilgrim-specific, addressed to individuals, preferences, or circumstances.

    • If you want to give your specific pilgrim an agape gift, this is appropriately done after leaving the walk location and before returning them home, or at your next reunion group meeting. (Please don’t present special gifts in view of other pilgrims, as no one individual is to be elevated over another.)

    • Avoid gifts that could cause discomfort or offense, such as overly personal items or items with potential cultural or religious sensitivities.

  • Guidelines for Selection:

    • Choose agape gifts that align with the spiritual journey and the teachings of Emmaus, focusing on themes of love, grace, and faith.

    • Be mindful of the diversity within the Emmaus community and select gifts that resonate with people from various backgrounds and walks of life.

  • Preparation and Presentation:

    • Take time to prepare and package agape gifts thoughtfully, considering the presentation as part of the gift itself.

    • Include a brief note or message of encouragement with each gift, expressing God's love and the community's support.

    • Anonymous is best, but if gifts are to be labeled, please only From: [4th Day Group, Church, Group, or Ministry] and not from any individual or individuals.

  • Quantity and Distribution:

    • While there are no strict rules regarding the number of agape gifts, based on full walks, 100 items for everyone (Pilgrims & team), 70 pieces for conference room only (Pilgrims and Conference Room Team), and 40 pieces for Pilgrims only. This is per weekend (i.e. just men or just women). For a specific upcoming weekend, you can always review the current combined total team and pilgrim registrations by visiting the Prayer Vigil page. (

    • Aim for quality over quantity, focusing on meaningful gestures rather than sheer volume.

    • Coordinate with the Emmaus team to ensure fair and equitable distribution of agape gifts to all pilgrims, team members, and volunteers.

  • Prayer and Intention:

    • Pray for guidance and discernment in selecting and preparing agape gifts, trusting that God will use them to minister to the hearts of those who receive them.

    • Offer prayers of blessing over the agape gifts and the individuals who will receive them, inviting the Holy Spirit to work through these tangible expressions of love.​


By following these guidelines, we can ensure that agape gifts continue to be a source of encouragement, inspiration, and spiritual growth for all participants in the Emmaus community.

Agape Contact

If you have additional questions or need more information regarding Agape Gifts or inter-community Agape information, please contact our Agape Chair.

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